Friction welding machine

Friction welding machine

Advantages of this friction welding machine
1. Using the latest servo drive, the shif...
Friction welding - principle

Friction welding is a "solid" welding method. By mechanical friction and axial pressure, the surface heat is generated so that the material is in a semi-melted state, and then the workpiece is subjected to pressure to firmly weld the same or different metals into one body.
In order to build a low-carbon society, it is necessary to save energy as much as possible during the welding process. By reducing the heat input, the material at the joint does not generate splashes or smoke, and no additional materials or fillers are needed, bringing new possibilities to your manufacturing field. revolution.

Friction welding - characteristics

1. Unique welding function
The welding surface is welded to the two end faces of the metal, and the joint has strong toughness.
Its tensile and torsional strength far exceeds the strength of arc welding and argon welding.
2. Adding dissimilar materials can reduce material costs
Metal combinations that are not compatible with conventional welding can be joined by friction welding.
It can save a lot of cost and is an application method of lightweight components.
3. Improve welding accuracy
After welding, the materials at both ends are not easily deformed, and the center eccentricity is within 0.5m/m.
Ensuring the quality of the workpiece reduces machining allowances and reduces material and processing costs.
4. Eco-friendly and energy efficient
Do not use materials or fillers such as metal, flux, gas, etc.
Uniform heat, no arc or toxic, can effectively improve the working environment.
5. Faster and more accurate welding efficiency
The production cost of using friction welding is lower than that of forging, and it can be formed quickly.
Its strength is no less than that of forged products, and the surface is cleaner.
6. Can eliminate manual welding errors
The machine-controlled friction welding process is consistent and repeatable, eliminating human error.
At the same time, it produces independent and higher than the operator's technical level of welding quality.

Advantages of this friction welding machine
1. Using the latest servo drive, the shift is more accurate
2. Free and fast moving shift speed
3. Does not affect the oil temperature
4. Full touch panel can be flexible and flexible, with high degree of freedom
5. Can be attached with cutting device, automatic cutting waste
6. Using well-known brand parts from all countries, accurate accuracy
7. 5 times faster than traditional car shaping
8. Fully automated production, increased production and reduced manpower


DT-45 type
Solderable Ø13 ~ Ø36
DT-60 type
Solderable Ø13 ~ Ø60